Roofer in Brixton​

Roofing Contractors Hundreds Of Completed Projects in Brixton​

Barris Roofing Ltd have completed ​many roofing projects in Brixton over the years. Peter Morris has been running Barris since 1984, and during that time, he has overseen different projects in Brixton such as:

  • ​Lead Flashings in Brixton
  • Chimney Repairs in Brixton
  • Complete re roof projects in Brixton
  • Valley repairs in Brixton
  • Flat roofing in Brixton
  • Guttering in Brixton

Barris Roofing Ltd have also taken part in roofer recruitment & roofer training in Brixton.

You may have seen our vans in Brixton High Street? As we write this, we have two scaffolds up in Ferndale Rd, Brixton.

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Here are some pics of our projects, and roofers specific to Brixton:

Slate roof brixton

Roofer in Brixton - Slate Roof

Roofer Brixton

Roofer in Brixton

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New side slope (*the front and rear were done by another company) in #Norbury @ Norbury

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Another new roof all finished up in #london #roofing

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